Monday, December 15, 2008


Rather than buying something unnecessary for someone in your life who already has a house full of stuff, try to spend your money buying food and necessities for people who are really in need this Holiday season

Our family has made a point of reducing our Christmas gift purchases to only one gift for each person in our immediate family. All other spending will be to buy food and clothes for people who are in serious need of assistance and toys for the children who live in the motel in Santa Ana where we minister.

Christmas is about giving, and we should start with those who are truly in need.

Peace (on Earth),


Jerald said...

Wonderful sentiment.
Exactly what I think that Jesus would have wanted us to do instead of giving unnecessary 'stuff' to relatives and friends who really don't need it and sometimes don't want it.
To show our love for Him, possibly we would do something for the poor, the ones who need clothes, and for some in prison.

Jeff said...

I had the same feeling from the spirit. Our family decided to cut our spending in half and with the other half help a family that was struggling. I am praying about how we can do this on an ongoing basis not just at the holidays.

Thanks for the encouragement and the insight you provide.