Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Periscope Up

I've been too swamped to post here recently and I apologize for the radio silence.

Here's what's up with me these days:

*Just preached on Sunday at Soul Survivor Church about "The Gospel of the Kingdom". You can download it for free over at ITunes under their Soul Survivor Church podcast. (Just search by my name and you'll find it).

*Our house church this Thursday night will meet in our dear sister Mary Anne's room at the Royale Health Center as she struggles with brain cancer.

*Dinner this Friday with another set of house church leaders in Yorba Linda to see where this whole "OC House Church" network thang might be going.

*Preparing to teach the very first "House Church 101" class at Triangle Square this Saturday morning. Can't wait to meet the people God has brought to this and encourage them.

*This Sunday morning will by my first trial-by-fire at The Mission as I practice restraint and sit at the back of the room while others lead. Can't wait.

*Sunday night the men of the Mission get together to pray and encourage one another. We all need it.

*My article "Exploitation or Empowerment" is now up over at www.TheOoze.com. Enjoy!

More later...


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