Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thursday Night - Todd Hunter

Todd Hunter, a long time friend and mentor of mine, will be hosting a night of vision this Thursday night at Triangle Square at 7 pm.

NOTE: This will be in the same room where we had our Non-Con last month.

Recently Todd left ALPHA USA to start his own Non-Profit ministry "Society for Kingdom Living" which aims to explore a holistic approach to missional evangelism and spiritual formation. He will be sharing the vision for this new Kingdom-focused non-profit and also to share from his new book coming soon from Intervarsity on re-imagining the Christian life.

Todd has previously served as the president of Alpha USA, an organization that focuses on motivating and equipping Christians to connect with unbelievers, and as the president of the National Association of Vineyard Churches Todd was afforded the “mega-church” experience as well as the opportunity to observe a historic renewal movement up close.

Todd has worked with many individuals and organizations including Alleon, Off The Map, Emergent, Soul Survivor, and various church planters who want to shape their ministries around a kingdom-based, missional encounter with contemporary realities.


Todd Hunter has been a significant influence on my life in various ways, including my personal epiphany regarding the Gospel of the Kingdom.

In many ways, Todd Hunter is an apostle. God has given him influence over many pastors and he has fathered several churches throughout his years with Vineyard, Allelon, Soul Survivor, Alpha and now Society for Kingdom Living.

This will be an important time to hear what God has placed on his heart for us and for this geographic region.

I hope to see you there!

This Thursday Evening at 7pm -

at Soul Survivor Church (Triangle Square)
1870 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92627

*Directly underneath the Edwards Cinema, on the corner of Harbor and 19th


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