Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Back in 2008, Keith Giles created a one-day conference called the "Non-Con" - a conference for people who never want to attend another conference again.

*An intentionally small gathering of 100 people who were curious about living out their faith outside their comfort zone.
*A time for serving the poor in the community together.
*A dialog-driven, interactive discussion with front-line practitioners of Justice and Mercy.
*A place for shared meals.
*A place for simple worship with one guitar in the center of our circle.
*A time for artistic expression and interaction.

WHY "Non-Con"?
*The aim was to create something unlike any previous conference experience. We wanted this to be small, hype-free, intentional and interactive where everyone who attended would be free to speak, to minister and to become involved with our leaders, and others.

RECORDED AT: The Non-Con at Triangle Square in Newport Beach, CA back in 2008.

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