Thursday, March 06, 2008


With the Non-Con only a week or so away I thought it was fascinating that Jackie Pullinger, one of our main session facilitators at the event, is featured in this month's issue of CHARISMA Magazine.

Take a look:

For those who would like to support Jackie Pullinger's work in China-
Tax-deductible contributions to St. Stephen's Society can be made online at or mailed to P.O. Box 952248, Lake Mary, FL 32795-2248.


Pam Hogeweide said...

what is non-con?

i lived in hk for nearly seven years. i've done outreach (back in the day) with jackie and her people. i know loads of people who have ministered with or hang out with her. she's been in hk since like the sixties!

the first time i watched someone minister in the power and presence of the holy spirit was Jackie. I was at Hang Fook camp, the name of the community that Jackie and her team had created through St Stephens society. I think it's gone now since the '97 handover. Anyway, after the meeting, which was a Sunday service, some people had gone forward for prayer. She was praying for a man, a very large Indian man, who collapsed. Others could barely catch him so a chair was quickly put under his large girth. He sat there looking completely dazed. Jackie stood over him, her hand hovering above his head. I was sitting on the third row. Service was over so most people were up and about. But I sat there, transfixed by the scene three rows a head of me. No one else seemed even curious. But for me, it was one of the very first tangible displays of the presence of God right in front of my young eyes. At one point Jackie stopped quietly praying in tongues and just looked up. Seeing me sitting there she said, "It's amazing. The Holy Spirit keeps coming in waves on him. It's incredible." She wasn't even touching the guy. And he seemed utterly relaxed, a bit dazed, but relaxed. I had never seen up close the presence of Jesus affect someone this way, this slaying in the Spirit as old school charismatics like to call it.

So because of that moment, and because I know how dedicated Jackie has been to Hong Kong's poorest, whenever her name comes up, my interest piques. I have not heard someone in America bring up her name in years. But i was just in HK this past fall and an old friend of mine has a passion for the poor that he did not have when I left HK over 15 years ago. I asked him, "What happened?" Jackie, he said. It was Jackie. She showed me how to love the poor.

BobM said...

For anyone - I have posted many of Jackie's messages here:

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you know where jackie is residing now?

Keith Giles said...

Jackie is still in Hong Kong ministering to the poor, the prostitutes, the drug addicts, etc.

Look her up online.