Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Paradox of Pain by Keith Giles

I'm most aware of God's Mercy when I'm in touch with my pain.

His Grace is most amazing when I am aware of my sinfulness.

When I am suffering, do I seek God's face? Or do I only seek my own comfort and escape from pain?

There are times when God reminds us of our mortality, and we often take offense at this.

"How could He let this happen?"

We forget that our life is only a vapor, that our lives are like the grass of the field.

But when we come to Him for mercy, we are quick to remind Him that we are made of dust.



Kim Gentes said...

good points... pain is not always part of the problem.. sometimes is part of the solution... CS Lewis reminded us that it is God's megaphone to a deafened world.. Our personal encounters with the real God show us pain can be a teacher used by God, even if He didn't send him.

none said...

My entire life is a Naked Paradox. Thank you for posting this. I am convinced that the truth lies where the opposites intersect.