Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Must. Watch. This.

 I always show this short clip from the end of the film "The Big Kahuna" as an intro to my workshop called "The Gospel: For Here Or To Go?" (and there was a six-part series of articles that sprung out of those workshops too..but I digress).

The set-up: Young kid is a Chrisitan on a business trip with Danny DeVito and Kevin Spacey. They all work for the same company. The kid had a chance to save their company (and all their jobs) by closing a sale with a huge distributor. Instead he took the opportunity to share Jesus with that same Company President and lost the sale, and their jobs.

What follows is the scene in this clip where (at the very end), Danny DeVito delivers one of the MOST powerful monologues aimed directly at the modern American Christian...and he hits the target square.

Watch this and then show it to your friends.

Powerful stuff.


Ryan said...

Awesome clip, man. I might have to check out this movie.

Keith said...

Thanks for the reminder. Great post and great video clip to make the point.

Steve Gordon said...


The movie clip says "no longer available".

Also, I'd like to correspond with you via email, if you would, please.

I can't find a working email address for you. If you are willing, please email me at