Sunday, July 02, 2006


I can't believe this, but just published one of my articles!

"Less Is More" is online now

*These guys publish stuff by Dallas Willard, Brian McLaren, etc. and now they've published one of my articles too?! What the...?

I've also got a smattering of articles published at places like

Next-Wave magazine:

TITLE: "Jesus Is A Verb"
*(and soon "BBQ Waffles?" in the July issue)

TITLE: "Poverty Light"
AND: "Poverty & Relationships"
TITLE: "Conversatio Morem!"

TITLE: "What's Wrong With This Picture?"
AND: "Light VS Heat"

My very intentional goal is to have revolving articles posted online in as many emerging/church-planting internet magazines as possible.

A brand-new six part series called "The Gospel: For Here Or To Go?" will begin posting over at starting in the next few weeks. Subscribers to the [SUBVERSIVE UNDERGROUND] newsletter will get to read these in advance of the online publication, so if you don't want to wait, be sure to subscribe to the free e-newsletter at the link on the lower left.

Right now I'm working on my book, "The Power Of Weakness" (only 3 chapters to finish up!), and contemplating a collection of my previous articles into a much larger print version which would compile all of them into sections like "Compassion", "The Kingdom", "House Church", and "Spiritual Development". Volume 2 of this same collection would compile all of my interviews from the Relevant Magazine series called "Subversive" where I talked with Dallas Willard, Todd Hunter, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, and several others. Already have a groovy title for that one in the bag. Just need the time and the cash to get these printed up. Possibly considering a pdf book version of each of these to sell online here also.

More later...

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