Saturday, July 08, 2006


I've written a six-part series called "The Gospel: For Here Or To Go?" based on the workshop I did at Soul Survivor's MOMENTUM '06 Conference last month.

The articles deal with our calling to be missionaries into our culture, various methods towards an evangelistic lifestyle, the difference between conversion and discipleship, etc.

Part one is online now at GINKWORLD ( and the entire six-part series will run every two weeks. I invite you to go check it out and to leave any comments about the articles here or on the Ginkworld boards.

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VISION: I am currently looking for a new full-time job and as part of this process I've been thinking pretty hard about my personal calling, vision and mission. Here's what I think God is saying to me:

1) The Mission: Our house church which meets every Thursday night is a big priority for our family. This is where we feel called to serve and to fellowship. It's out of these conversations and experiences that we will draw strength and direction for future service and ministry.

2) Writing: I have felt, more and more, the calling to write. This is why I have this website. This is why I'm sending articles to six or seven different web-zines. This is why I'm sending out a weekly e-newsletter. I feel called to write. Honestly, I am not sure exactly what the fruit of all of this writing might be, but I know I have to be obedient to this calling.

3) Kid's Club: Wendy and I (and our two boys) are starting a neighborhood outreach to the kids on our street starting TOMORROW!! We have felt all along that God called us specifically to this exact house and to minister the Gospel to these specific families here. After our 5 week series on "Jesus" is done, we're praying that God would open doors of relationship and fellowship with each of the families here so that we might start a Sunday Morning house church group on our block.

4) Motel Ministry: For about 3 years now my family has been serving the families at the California Studio Inn in Santa Ana. Thousands of homeless families in Orange County have jobs and steady income but cannot afford an apartment or a house. Their only option is to live in their car or raise a family in a motel for $275 a week. We've built steady and meaningful friendships with several families in this motel and we're excited about inviting our "Mission" house church group to join us for future ministry there.

5) House Church Network: After meeting with Ken Eastburn (The Well OC) and Neil Cole (CMA Resources), and others locally I sense that God is calling me to do something in the OC area for other house church leaders/pastors. If nothing else I want to find a way to gather these guys and gals together and pray with them, get to know them, encourage them and share ideas. Maybe that's all it will be, or maybe it could turn into something more? We'll see...

6) Ministry To Prostitutes: Honestly, this is the biggest "outside my comfort zone" ministry I've ever known. If nothing else I feel called to help others launch an OC ministry or non-profit resource to help these girls who are trapped in a dead-end lifestyle. I need to connect with L.A. ministries such as The Dream Center and Children Of The Night to see what can be duplicated for an organization here in the OC.

7) Book Projects: I'm nearly finished with my first little booklet "The Power of Weakness", and I also want to compile some of my past articles and interviews into other books for sale online as self-published works and/or to pitch them to publishers I have a built-in relationship with such as Gospel Light/Regal Books and Relevant Books. Either way I will publish these books. I've also been looking into the concept of self-publishing PDF versions of my books for $10 each as a downloadable file here on the website. Either way, I want to make this "next step" with my writing and start publishing books. I look at the second half of 2006, these are the areas I feel God has called me to focus on and to step out in faith to follow Him.

Thanks for your prayers!



Brent said...


My wife and I live in Fullerton, and would like to participate in one of your home services. What is the best way of contacting you?


Keith Giles said...

Brent- send me an email at
"keith (at) soulsurvivor (dot) net"

love to have you join us!