Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Ok, I'm kind of playing with an idea here, but it's only going to be successful if you guys sign up for it.

Basically, I'd like to sign people up for an email journal that I'd send out once a week or so, (I promise not to overload your email box with too much fluff), with thoughts, articles, ideas, and maybe even questions for you guys to respond to.

It would be the same type of stuff I talk about here, but in a more interactive format and only for those who want a little more 'subversive' stuff in their in box.

So...if you think you're interested in being part of this underground list/journal/thang...shoot me an email at the address below. (You can always opt out if it's too boring...or too much email for you).

Send an email to me with the title "underground" to this address to sign up:

keith @ soulsurvivor. net (take the spaces out of course)

The articles I post here will not be emailed to you. Only new articles and columns that aren't online at this blog will be sent out a few times each week.

Welcome to the underground.


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