Friday, September 16, 2005


...It's been ten days since my last blog entry.

I don't normally post items of a personal nature here, you know like what's up with my job, my family, my favorite films, etc.

This will officially be the first blog entry deemed "Personal" in nature.

Honestly, I can't really understand what God is doing in our lives right now.

Over the last few months, God has begun to systematically close doors in my life.

He's closing doors in my ministry, in my job, even on the home we've rented for the last 3 years (we've got to move out in 60 days).

It seems now that there's not very much holding us down here in the great "O.C." anymore.

Wendy and I have been sensing for a while now that God might be getting ready to move us on to newer things. (ya think?)

I should know one way or the other by this coming Monday evening whether or not I will have a job at Soul Survivor, or if I need to start looking elsewhere.

Lately I've been very intrigued with the idea of starting my own design house with Scott Laumann and a couple of other guys. It's a sound biz model. Not much up front cost and no workman's comp, insurance, etc. since it will be a virtual company with myself running point and 3 other designers handling jobs on a project basis.

I do think we'll eventually get this rolling...but the truth is, my family needs money NOW! Like...I don't know where we'll get the cash to afford a new apartment or house rental here in the O.C. if we don't get about $3,000 in the next few weeks.


I've been waiting and waiting for God to move...and for events to unfold around us...but now it is looking pretty grim.

Wendy and I have full confidence that God is good. We know that He is the one who is in control of things. He is the one who has closed these doors...and we're praying He is the one who will (very soon) begin to start opening doors for us....very soon...we hope...and pray...please....God?

We've also been sensing that God might be leading us to become "missionaries" into our own culture. That might involve starting a house church down the line, or maybe becoming honest-to-gosh missionaries into our culture, to the poor and the lost around us...with our two elementary age sons in tow.'s scary.'s a little insane.

I've actually turned down offers for full-time employment recently because it didn't fit into this calling we find ourselves in.

Crazy. I know.

My father would slap me naked and hide my clothes if he knew this..but luckily he doesn't read this blog...and pretty much no one else does either so this is sort of like talking to myself in the bathroom mirror...but without the echo.


Good night.



othentic said...

Sooooooo, it's past Monday. Wassup? What's the news? Dying to hear how things are unfolding for youa s I also sense God is very much directing you toward some as yet unopened door...

The Bishop said...

Keith, Isaiah 46:9-10 reminds us that God knows the end from the beginning. He is God like no other, and does what He desires. I am in the boat with you, my Brother. In May we left our full-time ministry position (Youth Pastor, a calling I've pursued for 17 years) to pursue God's purpose for us. My wife and I feel led to start something new, with little in the way of resources or marketablility. We have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. We are scared to death, but we know that God is about His purposes. I've turned down two full-time Pastorates, and one full-time Recreation position because they don't fit what Christ has called us to. Have faith, friend, that God knows where you are, and He's got your good in mind. Cling to the word you know you've received from Him. Don't waiver when offered money to go another direction. He is God like no other, and worth the chase.