Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Parabolic Journal

A few years ago I got inspired to do something outside the box and a little beyond my reach.

I was inspired by the 1000Journals.com project and wanted to do an experiment in subversive communication.

My friend and creative catalyst, Scott Laumann, had inspired me to go beyond just talking and dreaming about things and actually putting things into action.

So...with the help of brother, and web-slave, Lito Bujanda-Moore, I put together a website called

Things started out with just one journal and a personal invitation to several of my creative friends, who were also followers of Jesus, to take a turn sharing their thoughts and creative expressions of faith inside a blank journal that would be mailed to them.

After the first journal was launched and several email discussions followed among several of the participants, it was decided to open this journal up to the free world.

So, we allowed people to email us and request to be put on the list to receive a journal of their own.

Very quickly the Parabolic Journal grew into about nine journals, a "random" journal (which travels of its own free will from person to person), a digital journal (where people can simply email us jpgs of their virtual pages and have them posted online), and an international journal for those outside the continental United States.

Over the last few years I've had some great interactions with people, just everyday people, who have signed up and created pages for this journal out of their despair, loneliness, fear, hope and determination to survive.

A fire about six months ago destroyed the master list of participants, unfortunately, and I've not been able to reconstruct the actual list just yet.

For now, the site continues to display the pages we've received so far, and new participants sign up daily to be added to the list.

It's one of those projects where my plan was to throw something out there and allow the Holy Spirit (yeah, Him) to take control of who and where the subversive Truth would be sent.

Time will tell how "successful" the project was or is.

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