Friday, July 25, 2008


The internet is a strange place and apparently several of my more vocal online fans have submitted my name to a talk show host who has now helped to create a grassroots campaign calling for me to run for President.

No, I'm serious.

Watch this news clip:

I don't think any Third Party candidate has a hope of winning the Presidential Election anytime soon, but this groundswell of support to recruit me into running for the highest office in the land is very humbling.

What do you guys think?



Parke said...

Ha, sorry. Someone else I know of already beat you to the punch.

Adam said...

Priceless, where can I get a bumper sticker?

Speaking of politics, at what point will this counterculture we're part of splinter off from the two political parties and form our own that adequately speaks our views?

My pastor got up in the pulpit and said that anyone who votes for someone who supports abortion is essentially an "accessory to murder."

I guess I can understand his point of view, but don't you have to apply the same stringent criteria across all issues?

On a different topic, do you think Obama's prayer left in the Western Wall was meant to be found? I know I was impressed.

Wow, I'm sorry. Man, talking about digressing. Guess I found my next blog topic.

Keith '08
Campaign slogan: "Time for someone normal*"

(note the asterisk)

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Keith Giles.