Monday, July 07, 2008


I'm hard at work writing my third book, "Jesus Called. He Wants His Church Back" and I'm very hopeful that it will be complete and ready by the end of this year.

This book will take a look at the church that Jesus built, the Cyprian heresy, and specifically how God's people need a fresh understanding of what it means to "Be The Church" rather than attend one.

In addition, I plan to include a section of the book with testinonials from pastors, friends and everyday people like you who have discovered the power of "being the Church" and moved towards a more organic and simple ecclesiology. (If you'd like for me to include your testimony feel free to contact me about it at "elysiansky" at "hotmail" dot "com).

The book will also include a section detailing our specific adventures into House Church at The Mission over the last 3 years in a journal/diary section taken from my personal diary and my articles over at and over at and

My first two books are still available at the link on the left-nav bar and one of them should be officially re-published before the end of this year also. More on that as soon as I've signed the actual contracts.

Thanks to all of you who have downloaded the free PDF versions of my book, and giant "THANK YOU'S" to those awesome folks who actually purchased a hard copy of your very own. I am very blessed to read your feedback and to hear how God has challenged you as you read these books.

I pray that this new book would also inspire, challenge and bless a new generation of people to understand how God designed His Church to function and what it means to be the temple, the daily sacrifice and the royal priesthood of God.

More later..


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