THE DIDACHE (Podcast Series)

The Didache, a first century disciple-making handbook compiled from the teachings of the original Apostles, is purported to pre-date the Gospels but was not included into the Canon due to any lack of singular authorship. 
Some doubt whether this collection of teachings is reflective of the First Century church practice and argue that it is more likely a Third Century collection of various sources (and not exclusively from the early Apostles). 
While the jury might be out on all of that at the moment, I personally found much in The Didache to be encouraging and insightful of what the early church believed about being a disciple, especially about how behavior (Orthopraxy) and doctrine (Orthodoxy) are both necessary elements of Christian life.
Let me also stress that I am not advocating that our churches should adopt The Didache as a manual for making disciples. I am, however, suggesting that we can learn a lot from this book and gain valuable insight about what it means to follow Christ today.
I would also encourage you to download a free copy of The Didache for yourself and read along as you listen to these podcasts. You can download a copy here.
NOTE: These podcasts are also available via iTunes, or at the links below:
The Didache – Part One: What is It?

 The Didache – Part Two: Structure/Teaching

 The Didache – Part Three: Chapter 1 wrap-up and Chapter 2

 The Didache – Part Four: Chapter 3

 The Didache – Part Five: Chapter 4

 The Didache – Part Six: “The Way of Death”

 The Didache – Part Seven: Chapters 8-10

 The Didache – Part Eight: Teacher and Prophet

 The Didache – Part Nine: Watch Your Life [Final]

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