Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Recently I started listening to a conference tape series called THE FRAGRANCE OF JUSTICE.

It's from a 1988 conference in Canada with John Wimber, David Ruis and Jackie Pullinger.

After listening to one of the Wimber sessions I came across the first Jackie Pullinger tape. Now all I'm listening to is her series.

She is one amazing woman.

You can listen to some of her sermons and messages here:

Briefly, she heard God call her to serve the poor in China after being saved for only 7 months.

After no missionary ministry would send her, she finally decided to go on her own, with no church covering or support, just about $100 in her pocket.

After twenty or so years there, she has seen prostitutes, heroin addicts and Triad kingpins transformed into followers of Jesus.


In her book, Chasing the Dragon, Jackie Pullinger tells of being called by God to Hong Kong to work amongst the prostitutes and drug addicts living in the notorious walled city. Though fearful for her own safety, daily she would try to make contact with people who lived in some of the worst conditions one could imagine.

But after six months little had been achieved and despair set in. She agonized about it for days. “If God has called me to be here why aren’t people responding?”

One morning she realized what was wrong. She’d been telling people that God loves them and that Jesus loves them and wants to forgive them but she’d not been loving them in any practical way. She needed to go and be as Jesus, with them.

The next three months she spent, “soaking herself in scripture and prayer - and being drenched by the Holy Spirit!”

Her new and very practical approach yielded a remarkable response. Providing food, shelter and healthcare, visiting prisons, speaking up for victims, these became the ingredients of her everyday life.

The situation was so transformed that even the drug barons watched out for her safety. She’s still there and so is the church that grew from her work but the Walled City isn’t. It was demolished ten years ago.

I think I want to compile a list of her best quotes and write an article for RELEVANT about her.


Anna said...

Jackie's a challenge and inspiration for many. i dont know her personally but i know people whose direct influence she's been.. and boy those are powerful and passionate people!
Read some of your stuff at Soulsurvivor. Good stuff! Thought-provoking...

Anonymous said...

I found your page while doing a search for Jackie Pulliger. She's my hero too.

Gail's Life said...

I appreciated Jackie's insight that our assurance that Jesus loves people means nothing to those who know nothing about Jesus and nothing about love. I admire her for taking action in a world that so desperately needs the Living God. I hope more people learn about this amazing woman, and even more, the amazing Lord she serves.

silent wings said...

Looking for stuff on Jackie and came across your site.Thanks for the link. I am so drawn to the life and message of people like Jackie, Heidi Baker and Mother Teresa.

nathaliemorales said...

I just read her book and was doing some research on her as well and found your site. Inspiring, isn't she?

Andrei said...

most amazing lady. she is a lady to follow.

Howard & Carrianne said...

I just finished her book does anyone know where she is now? Im so curious to what happened after this

Howard & Carrianne said...

Does anyone know where she is now? I just finished Chasing the Dragon and she was a true social worker WOW

I would love to know where she is now

Keith Giles said...

She's still working with the poor in Hong Kong. I just had her out here in Orange County, CA a few years ago for our Non-Con.

She's an inspiring woman of God.

Anonymous said...

I came this morning online looking for Chasing The Dragon by Jackie Pullinger. Even though i couldn't find the free pdf copy i was nonetheless blessed by ur blog. I got two free books from ur it. I also want to tell u how much am inspired by ur home church theology. God bless you greatly.
Joseph Asoh
Abuja, Nigeria

Michael said...

Jackie is the hero and the legend here in Hong Kong and China !

Anonymous said...

She is still in HK doing her work for God to reachout the ex drug addicts, prostitute .In fact what I heard that she married a former drug addict who passed away...She is a ordinary woman whose heard the call of God and obey...Her book Chasing the Dragon " I read in 1984 when i was not a christian ( Taoist ) impressed me that there is omeone higher authority that in charges...read it you will be blessed .Blessing from Sunny SIngapore...

She was here to speak in some churches a few times.

Michael said...

Hi, does anyone know how to get hold of "Chasing the dragon" in pictorial format for kids.
Please let me know, thanks: michaeld@frm-inc.org