Friday, September 23, 2016

5 MINUTE VIDEO: Women In Church? Part 1

What should the role of women be in the New Testament Church? Are many so-called "Organic" Churches still held in check by Institutional ways of thinking? Is there still a hierarchy of Male/Female? 

Sadly, for many, the answer is "Yes", but that's not what Jesus intended.

Take 5 minutes and listen to part 1 of an ongoing conversation about the role of women in the Body of Christ.

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Brett Ahern said...

A few days before His crucifixion, Jesus and His disciples were invited to a dinner. There a woman wept tears over His feet, washing them; wiping them with her hair, and perfuming Him. His disciples complained. He defended her, saying, she does this for My burial. At this time this woman was the disciple most aware of Christ's mission. Even His own male disciples didn't get it, while it was happening. And this wasn't the first time He affirmed the equality of the genders, subverting traditional views.