Monday, June 06, 2016


HOUSE CHURCH 101 - WHAT IS IT? Is it a bible study? A church that meets in a house Or...something else?


 ** HOUSE CHURCH 101 - What's It Look Like? If you were to walk into a house church one Sunday morning, what might you experience? Keith shares his own experiences and talks about who should - and who should not -start a house church group in their home.


* HOUSE CHURCH 101 - WHY IS IT SO HARD? Participating in an Open Meeting is anything but easy. Why is that? Keith talks about the challenges of an open participatory meeting and how followers of Jesus can work together to help the Body to function as Jesus intended.


* HOUSE CHURCH 101 - LEADERSHIP What does leadership look like in an open meeting? Keith Giles shares his experience in the organic church and outlines what to do, and what not to do, to facilitate a New Testament style church gathering.


* HOUSE CHURCH 1O1 - FROM PULPIT TO TENT-MAKING How do you transition from a career in the pulpit to a job in the workforce? Keith shares his personal story and provides key insights into what it takes to trust God for everything.



Anonymous said...

Just curious about why you deleted these podcasts. We ran across them a while ago and wanted to share them with others in our house church.

Keith Giles said...

My apologies. I had to re-upload most of my podcasts to YouTube.Should all be updated now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, brother!