Wednesday, March 25, 2015


God bless America, who spies on your phone calls, email,and text communications.

God Bless America, who executes its own citizens without a trial or even formal criminal charges.

God Bless America, who imprisons journalists who attempt to expose their war crimes.

God Bless America, which has been at war for 214 years out of the last 235.

God Bless America, which hires, or threatens journalists in order to have them write false news stories, and even film fake execution videos that advance their propaganda.

God Bless America which currently imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation on the face of the planet.

“Hey, If you don’t like it here, please move to another country!”

Moving to another country is pointless since every country on this earth is suffering from the same sin and delusion and sets itself up as a rival to the Kingdom of Christ.

However, if I did move to another nation, at least I wouldn't have to suffer the additional insult of being a citizen of a nation that proclaims to the world that it is Christian while at the same time exploiting and impoverishing other nations, stealing their resources, plunging them into poverty, dropping bombs, flying drones over them, and killing thousands of innocents...all in the name of Jesus.

No, rather than to leave this sick, sinful and prideful nation that believes She is "Christian" I must remain here and continue to point to the One and Only Hope for this (or any other) nation - Jesus, the Messiah.

When, and only when, this nation fully
turns to Jesus will there ever be any change of heart, or of mind, or of behavior towards one another.

"Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish." - Jesus (Luke 13:3)

We must humble ourselves before God, and humbling ourselves involves repenting from our endless wars around the globe and exploiting the poorest nations of this earth for our own financial gain.

The best way to end the wars we are currently fighting and to bring peace to th
is earth would be to take the Trillions of dollars we are currently spending on our war machine and using it to bless our enemies, to feed them, to clothe them, and to enrich them.

Proactive love and Preemptive Agape disarms our enemies and transforms them into our friends.

We could do that if we wanted to. We have plenty of money available.

In fact, a truly Christian Nation would do exactly that.

This is what I am contending for. This is what I will continue to pray for.

This is what the advancing of the Kingdom of God looks like.

There is only one Christian nation on this earth. It is the Kingdom of God. It is global. It is eternal. It knows no national boundaries. It recognizes no border or rule of man.

My brothers and sisters - the vast majority of them - are not Americans. Therefore I do not see myself as an American either. I see myself as a child of the King who was, and is, and is to come.

As a Christian, and as a citizen of Christ’s Kingdom, I crucify my Nationalism. I put to death all those things that once defined the person I used to be before Jesus transformed me.

I now resolve to know nothing except Christ and Him crucified. The rest I count as trash and filthy rags.

Let His Kingdom come!


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