Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A Broken God For A Broken People

One of the more beautiful things God has done for me through my blog is to connect me with a dear brother in Christ who lives and serves people in India. His name is Vilbert Vallance. He works as a chaplain at the Baptist Hospital in Bangalore. We correspond back and forth pretty often, and most of the time his testimony of selflessness and humility brings me to my knees in awe. I am very thankful that the Lord brought Vilbert into my life.

Recently, he sent me an email about a visit he made with one of his patients to a Roman Catholic care center for those with mental disabilities. What he shared with me was so profound, and so moving, I had to share it with you.

Here’s what Vilbert shared:

“This evening I went along with a patient (and) other nursing staff to visit a Roman Catholic centre which provides care for people with mental disability. (We gathered) in a large community hall for Lord’s Supper (they call it a Holy Communion).

“When we got there, service had already started. Most of the people were in wheel chairs, others were crawling on the floor barely able to move or speak. (There were) involuntary movements of their bodies and on top of it uncontrollable noises and gestures. This kind of situation in our churches would be most unwelcomed, I thought.

“As I sat on the floor it was difficult to know whether anyone is listening to the priest, BUT when the priest held the bread and uttered the words (in our language), "The Broken God for Broken People”, there was a complete silence. To me the priest’s words were so peculiar to that situation. (We) all felt something very difficult.

“Even though I have attended and participated in Lords Supper in many churches (before), that service sharing broken bread with broken people made a profound impression in me.

“As I was returning home, leaving that person, I was thinking of my own brokenness. I said, “Lord, you have embarrassed all of the disabled, including me, which is not physical, but you know it Lord,” I prayed.

“I had such a wonderful time.”

What  a powerful picture of God’s love and mercy towards all of us! How beautiful to reflect on our own disabilities, and how we are all connected to one another’s brokenness and desperation.

Thank you, Jesus, for being the broken God for broken people like us. We are all broken. Only your broken body can make us whole again, as we find ourselves in you.



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the alternative1 said...

good word KIETH-yesterday I experienced a time of brokenness at my job and I came home last night and reviewed the experience-today I will go to work with a thankful attitude for Gods love for me.