Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PODCAST: How To Fight Like A Christian

To be a Christian Pacifist doesn't mean you do nothing. In fact, it almost certainly means that you will have to die in the process of following Jesus into radical enemy-love. Listen as Keith Giles explores the practicality of peace and non-violence from a Kingdom perspective.


NoahM said...

Brilliant Keith! Such an issue here in Australia where we don't have the guns to defend ourselves. The crooks unfortunately can get hold of guns illegally. So we have the possibility that my American wife funds uncomfortable that someone might break into our house and we will have no earthly way to defend ourselves.

the alternative1 said...

most excellent keith--it touched my heart--thanks--and I will be forwarding to my friend who is an advocate of guns and physical fighting in the form of martial arts yet at the same time a preacher of Christianity.