Tuesday, June 07, 2011


In case you missed it, here's a link to listen to my one hour interview with Derek Gilbert of View from the Bunker Radio Show in Illinois about my new book, "This Is My Body:Ekklesia as God Intended".




Joe said...


Just listened to your interview with Derek G. for the third time and just wanted to say thank you for it.

I have been tossing the idea of starting a home based church or looking for one for some time. I have grown so tired and frustrated with the corporate church, the constant fleecing of the flock, and the never ending self help books that you have to constantly defend yourself against.

Trouble is, I just don’t have any home church or people who want to start a home church. Pretty much all my Christian friends (though very nice people) are bought into the corp church and would run screaming if I told them why I was thinking of leaving the “fold”.

The last straw was last week when my “pastor” told some story about Oprah to bring home a point about JOY.

Any tips for someone who wants to get into a home church or start one?

Anyway, I will be checking out the books and articles, in the mean time thanks, and pray for me if you would be so kind, I am really struggling with what to do next.


Encouragers said...

Keith, good interview...well said. I have begun reading your book and find myself saying 'yes'. Remain courageous and stand firm, as you are doing. What you are saying is confronting, yet full of truth and grace.
Thank you for sharing.

Joe said...

Just noticed the house church newbie guide links, I will check these out!

Keith Giles said...

Joe: I'd love to help you any way I can. There's also good resources at www.OCHouseChurch.com and at House2House.com too.

My email is elysiansky@hotmail.com if you want to correspond more.