Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Anonymous said...

Like it. I am from the Restoration Movement and this video calls us out at our biggest weakness. We instituted some new testament practices like baptism and the lords supper, but all we did was put them into an institutional setting. I think we improved upon the clergy/laity distinction problem some, but over time we have returned to clergy dependence.

Anonymous said...

I am also from the Restoration Movement. I agree with your assessment. The Movement gets some things right: baptism/Lord's supper but we are "clergy" strong and miss the priesthood of believers. I like from JZ is saying here. I think he is spot on with what we in the Restoration Movement are so good at "preaching" about but can't seem to really experience. Body-life involves participatory gatherings...Viola's Rethinking the Wineskin was fundamental in helping me continue to move in the direction that the RM has unsuccessfully tried...now meeting in a home...messy for sure! But we're learning to meet together around the headship of Christ as we ALL minister and unite around Him!