Thursday, June 03, 2010


I know that when we look at the Kingdom of God we usually talk about how it’s upside down from the reality we were born into. We emphasize that the greatest in the Kingdom of God is the servant of all, and how the first are last and that we should put the needs of others above our own. However, I believe there’s an exception to this rule in the Kingdom of always allowing others to go first out of love for them.

Sometimes we must be the first in order to express the love of God to others. For example, we should always be the first to ask forgiveness, or admit our mistakes, or to take off our masks when we’re gathering with others. We should be the first to confess our sins to one another. We should be the first to admit our weaknesses. We should be the first ones to humble ourselves and reconcile ourselves to those who have hurt us.

Yes, in God’s Kingdom the first are last and those who lose their life find it, even though they die daily. But sometimes we need to be willing to go first, even if it means falling flat on our face. The risk is great, but the potential for learning humility and sharing in the sufferings of Christ are worth it. After all, Jesus asked us to take up our cross, but He went first.

Be the first so that others can be set free from their guilt, their sin, their pride and their failures. Don’t wait for someone else to go first. Jesus is with those who take the first step in faith.


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Traeshawn said...

Wow. This was truly like a word in due season. I am totally on board with going first. "Jesus is with those who take the first step in faith." Amen.