Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Upside of this decade for me:
*Discovering house church.
*Discipling my sons, David and Dylan.
*The rite of passage celebration for Dylan's 13th birthday.
*Celebrating 20 years of blissful marriage to Wendy.
*Setting my sons up with their own blogs.
*Getting a great new job as a copy writer in marketing.
*Meeting Jon Zens.
*Hosting the Non-Con with Jackie Pullinger and David Ruis.
*Hosting Engage and The Heart of Jesus conferences with David Ruis.
*Seeing the new church being planted at the motel in Santa Ana where we've served for over 7 years.
*Getting to know Robert Higgins.
*Self-publishing my books and giving away a combined 1,820 copies for free on PDF.
*Getting my Elysian Skies songs on iTunes and Amazon.
*Performing with Jake Wright at House of Blues, the Artery, and Chapman Coffeehouse.
*Getting two articles published in the Channel Advisor magazine.
*Being named one of Orange County's Twitterati (People to follow) by the O.C.Register.
*Meeting so many great people online like Lionel Woods, Alan Knox, Heather and Daniel Cosby, Charles Pike, Jules Wilcox, Brant Hansen, and Mark Main.
*Being discipled and mentored by people like David Ruis, Jon Zens, and my house church family at the Mission.
*Reconnecting with so many old and dear friends via Facebook.
*All the encouragement I received when I decided to end my [Subversive Underground] e-newsletter after over 3 years and 180 articles.

The downside of this decade:
*Saying goodbye to my dear friend Lito and his family (who moved to San Antonio).
*Saying goodbye to my friend Scott Laumann and his family (who moved to San Diego).
*Saying goodbye to my sister in Christ, Mary Anne Serna, who died from brain cancer.
*Saying goodbye to people who left our house church family.
*Being uninvited to speak at churches I care about because of this blog.
*Counseling friends as they lose their marriages, or take wrong turns in their spiritual life and being unable to help them very much.
*Getting a lot older and only a little bit wiser.

Here's hoping that the next decade is filled with more adventure, more joy, and a deeper walk with Jesus, the Messiah.


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Bill said...

I feel ya my brother, I feel ya ;)