Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And the Lord said, "Wait..."

For about six or seven years now my wife and I have noticed an ongoing pattern in our lives. Everytime we start down a path or attempt something new, God always seems to respond with "Wait".

Sometimes it's as mundane and everyday as waiting in traffic, or unexpected delays at an airport, but many times it's big things like that check we need from the IRS to help us pay our rent, or a new job so we can get out of debt, or an answer to a prayer we've been bringing to Him for months, sometimes years.

It's almost like a conspiracy of sorts.

These days Wendy and I will usually just look at each other and nod silently, or simply repeat the word to each other- "Wait" as if it's the punchline to a joke we've heard many, many, many times before.

Except that this joke is only funnier the longer it goes on. In the beginning we didn't laugh when God said "Wait". Instead we threw fits and cried and rolled around on the floor like spoiled brats. Over time we've learned to roll our eyes, or comfort one another with the simple, yet very familiar word of God, "Wait".

A few weeks ago we attended a day-long seminar on the ministry of the Holy Spirit lead by Mike Pilavachi. It was a great day to be with my old friends from Soul Survivor and to receive practical instruction on how to pray for people and to move in the power of the Holy Spirit...which is something I have to admit I am really terrible at.

My dear wife was the first to bring it to my attention. "Isn't it funny," she asked me as we stood in the kitchen on the day after our Holy Spirit conference. "What?" I said. "You know," she continued, "God's been trying to get us to understand the importance of waiting on Him for years now and yesterday Mike Pilavachi demonstrated to us the secret of moving in the power of the Holy Spirit was all about waiting for Him to move."

I didn't respond at first. It took a moment to sink in all the way, but when it did I had to laugh. "The reason why I'm so bad at moving in the power of the Holy Spirit is because the secret is to wait on Him to move first," I said, stating the obvious point which had eluded me all these years.

It gave me a new understanding of the verse where God says, "Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they will mount up with wings as Eagles."

Suddenly I could see that this verse wasn't just about waiting for months on God's answer to prayer, or for years to discover God's will for my life, but also about waiting five or six minutes in silence for the Holy Spirit to move or to speak to us as we gathered together to pray.

So, I have to admit, I am still not very good at this. In fact, I am still downright horrible at it. But, now that I understand the principle and the importance of waiting on the Holy Spirit, I can honestly say I have a hope of improving in this area.

The secret is to wait.


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