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Hello everyone,

This is your friendly reminder that the Soliton Sessions are just 2 months away. Can't believe this is our 5th year together, truly amazing. Read the updated information below. Looking forward to seeing you...

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Soliton Sessions in Ventura, California

August 9-12th


Conversation: "Dangerous Living"



Kester Brewin (UK)

Pete Rollins (N IRE)

Christine Pohl (US)

Ched Myers (US)

Barry Taylor (US/UK)

and many others, including you!



$100.00 per person (which takes care of evening common meals, and 'gift' to cover guides and hosting)

Two ways to pay;

1. By check. Make check out "the bridge" and send it to PO Box 909, ventura, ca 93002. Please send a list of people names.

2. By Pay Pal, there will be a $5.00 service charge included. go to website for this www.solitonnetwork.org


Location of SESSIONS:

This year we are sharing times of learning, friendship, conversation at HUSH Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Ventura.....

Check out this amazing space www.hushlounge.com


During the evening we shall dine together in a house.

Any and all questions regarding places to stay, the schedule, or any other inquiries contact Greg Russinger at 805-701-0079...


PS The Soliton site will be under construction for a few days, needing a face lift, will send another email letting you know of its progress...



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1 comment:

Michael said...

pete rollins?!? wow, i need to try to get out there for that.

are you going for sure? I'll be in Florida still then but if I can get the money together that sounds like a fantastic time.

hope all is well mr. giles.