Thursday, January 25, 2007


Due to recent events, I've started scheming about putting together an "Anti-Conference" sometime soon.

I started thinking about putting together the sort of conference that I might actually want to go to myself (since I personally hate conferences and yet promoting conferences has been my job description for the last 3 years).

So, at my "Non-Conference" or "Anti-Conference" for example, we'd meet in a large, empty warehouse or an aircraft hanger or a gymnasium and there would be a giant rack of folding chairs at the front door where everyone would grab one on the way in and sit in a giant circle.

We'd have keynotes like Jackie Pullinger (oh, yes), and Scott Bartchy, and others who aren't "safe" for most church conferences)....and we'd have a big name musical guest like Matt Redman but it would just be him in the center on a chair with an acoustic guitar leading us in worship, no big band, no hype, just simple worship...and none of our keynotes would be allowed to speak beyond 15 or 20 minutes without turning over the microphone to anyone in the audience who had a question or a comment. It would be the most interactive thing ever.

The more I think about this the more jazzed I get about it.

I think the theme would be along the lines of living in the Kingdom and what daily taking up your cross really looks like.

After visiting a local conference the other day (there's a bit of that in the article below -"Future Faith", btw.), I just got sick of keynote messages that don't challenge us or inspire us or give us any practical steps to live out the Gospel.


Sorry....I've got one of those "wild hairs" now and I'm certain it will eventually find it's way out of my head and into the real world.

Lord help us..


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rjlight said...

The anti-conference sounds good. Can you tell me where I can find an anti-church in Northern California?