Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"DAWN TO DAWN" - Art in Orange


All last week there was an amazing show here in Orange called "Dawn To Dawn" hosted by St. John's Lutheran and presented by Seeds Arts Ministries.

My dear friend Heather Wright provided two exceptional pieces, one of which was painted outside on the street during the annual street fair on opening night.

Here's a glimpse of those two pieces:

*If you want to get a better look at these and a few others, go to her website (linked at the left-hand side under "Art of Heather Wright")

Karen Scmidt also had two bronze sculptures in the show. One was Jacob wrestling the angel and the other was a stunning piece showing Joseph holding the baby Jesus as his arms are held out in a cross. Mary looks up at him with wonder in her eyes. It's powerful stuff...

Some other favorite images were...

*This one was about Thomas and Jesus. The distance between them is the focal point.

*The story behind this one had me in tears. The artist's father is the subject. The night before he died he said he dreamt he was an astronaut on a rocketship.

This was a seriously amazing show. The exhibit is traveling throughout SoCal over the next few months, and then it's on to Nebraska.

Cal-Baptist University is one stop, along with Concordia University and Coast Hills Community Church...not in that order. Not sure of the dates. But it's worth digging it up to catch up with this show.

More posts on The Arts and cultural subversion coming soon...


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