Friday, March 24, 2006


Earlier I emailed the [subversive underground] list about the text for the address Bono (from U2) made before the Congress earlier this month.

Now you can watch the actual




Yang said...

I was touched by the last part of the speech(remark).

"Stop asking God's blessings but do what He was/is doing because it's already blessed."

Anonymous said...

Why do so many Christian have this thing about U2 and especially about Bono. I see no fruit in his life that would indicate he is a true believer yet so many Christians want to elevate him.

Please, see him for what he really is. Pray for him yes, believe that he will truely come to Christ, but please stop saying he is some kind of hero.

Keith Giles said...

Well...uh...I think Bono HAS truly come to Christ.

I mean...did you actually WATCH this video clip? I think you really should before you declare that Bono has not come to Christ. (As if that's our job to judge someone's salvation...but that's another issue).

If you want to satisfy the argument of whether or not Bono has come to Christ, I'd recommend downloading (for free, btw), the Rolling Stone Magazine podcasts of Bono's interview with their editor and publisher.

In those interviews, Bono talks candidly about his conversion and devotion to Jesus, his feet of clay, (and we all have our "issues"), and, at least for me, I think Bono "gets it" moreso than you think.

I agree, there were times when I seriously felt disappointed in Bono, but these days he really does "get it" in a way I can't express.

Watch this video clip.

Listen to those Rolling Stone podcasts.

Then watch the Live from Boston DVD and especially listen to what Bono says in the intro to "Where The Streets Have No Name" and at the end of the disc on "Walk On".

Your mouth will hang open. I guarantee it.

I'm tempted to just type out right now what Bono says on that DVD, but it's better if you go and watch it yourself.

Trust me.


Mark Juane said...

Keith, thanks for posting the Bono video! I agree with you about Bono. He's using his status to join God in what He is already blessing and making a difference!

Anonymous said...

The problem with Bono and so many in the One movement is their focus on equality and social justice and their ignorance of righteousness and repentance.

Yes, many of those with aids (many of the women and children at least) are innocent. Much of the debt occurred due to the corruption of a small percent of the population and has accumulated over several decades.

There is no amount of money, drugs or other items that can cure endemic problems in Africa. Whether we like it or not AIDS is a disease that attacks the promiscuous. The clamor for free drugs, if met, will significantly alter outcomes. What happens when those drugs do not work?

Bono’s comments aren’t awesome! They may be well intentioned but they’re also ignorant.

Truly the Jesus was right when He said “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”