Thursday, July 31, 2014

We Who Have Been Transformed

We who have been transformed are without excuse.

You opened the eyes of the blind.
Who are we to sing the songs of darkness?

You opened the door to the Kingdom.
Who are we to defend the way of the world?

You were beaten and tortured and killed.
Who are we to side with the aggressor?

You were born into poverty and had no place to lay your head.
Who are we to justify sending the poor away hungry?

You were forced to flee a violent dictator's sword.
Who are we to turn our backs on immigrant children?

Your mother carried the shame of an unexpected pregnancy.
Who are we to shame the unwed mothers?
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

Our hardened hearts were transformed by your irresistible love.
Who are we to condemn sinners?

Our darkness was changed into light.
Who are we to say there is no hope for others?

Our violent souls were calmed by your voice.
Who are we to stand with those who do violence?

Your Kingdom subverted the glorification of power and redefined the meaning of authority.
Who are we to return to the worldly system of hierarchy and domination of others?

Now, let the transformed rise up to heal the wounded.
Let those who have been made new follow the way of the cross.

Let every creature that has been made new stand with the oppressed and the homeless and the orphan and the voiceless.

Let every child of the King point out the path to your everlasting peace.

Let those who hear your voice kneel down to wash the feet of our enemies.

Let those who follow the Prince of Peace lay down their weapons and fall to their knees.

Let those who are called by your name humble themselves and seek your face and turn from their wicked ways.

Now, let those who have received so great a mercy, extend that same mercy to everyone else.

We who have been transformed are without excuse.

We who have been made new are held to a higher standard.

Now, let the redeemed of the Lord please say so.

Please. Say so.

And do so.



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