Friday, July 25, 2014

[Subversive Radio Podcast] God's Chosen People?

What were the Jewish people "chosen" to do?
Who is the "Chosen One"?
Who are the "chosen people" of God today, according to the New Testament and what are they chosen for?

Listen as Keith explains in this special podcast.


Erroll Mulder said...

Simple and refreshing in a time when many Christians are being deceived back into OT thinking concerning Israel as a way of salvation or a way of life. I have a dear friend who has succumbed to 'Hebrew roots' teaching and who is right back into dogmatism and legalism, though he would of course deny that. It seems to be a kind of spiritual veil over people's eyes.

the alternative1 said...

Yes I do believe that Israel is Gods chosen earthly people and Christ ones are Gods chosen heavenly people and that when we all live in the thousand year millinium God will be living on his throne on earth in Jerusalem and us Christ ones will be ministering beings to the earthly Jews who will be living in the land of Israel.