Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Difference

There's a difference between wanting America to be more "Christian" out of a desire to be more comfortable (as a Christian) and what it would actually mean to have a passion to see people's lives transformed by the Gospel.

From what I observe, most Christians who demand a return to Biblical values are more concerned with their own desire to be around people who are more like them, share their opinions, etc. and less about a genuine heart for people and a passion to see the Kingdom of God advanced.

In other words, most Christians in America are more concerned with their own comfortability than they are with the conditions of people's lives and hearts outside their home.

If you want America to value the Word of God, you'll have to preach and live out the Gospel.

If you really want to put "Christ" back into Christmas, you'll have to start spending more money on the poor than on yourself. You'll have to give up some of your comfort and let go of some of your wealth in order to share some of that abundance you have with those who have nothing.

This is as much true for me as it is for anyone else.

Death to my status quo. Let His Kingdom come.


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the alternative1 said...

yea I think you are very correct-I have a Christian friend who is a staunch conservative who is always complaining about Obama and is worried about gun control-he is so into his rights as a Christian but he is not aware of his need to be Christ focused which would mean his willingness to suffer.