Monday, June 17, 2013

Permanent Vacation

Do you need a vacation from your life? Are you tired of being tired? Ready to clock out, turn off and escape for a while? I know I am. In fact, I am getting ready to go on that vacation right now.

What I’ve noticed is that getting ready for a vacation can be very therapeutic. That’s because there are two kinds of stress – Eustress and Distress. One is a positive form of stress [Eustress] and the other is a negative form of stress [Distress].
Eustress is the anticipation of a good event. Like waiting for a child to be born, or looking forward to a birthday party, or the arrival of a friend. These are stressful events, because they make us nervous, they create the build-up of energy in our bodies, and they place us in the same mindset as what we experience during Distress [the negative form of stress]. But the difference is obvious. Eustress is anticipation of something we want to happen. Unlike Distress which is a dread of something horrible, Eustress pays off in the end. When it finally comes we are elated. We celebrate. We smile.

I’m in deep Eustress right now. I’m making lists of things I need to accomplish before I set out on vacation. I’m making piles of things I want to remember to take with me on my trip. I’m clearing my desk at work so that everything is out of the way before I head off.
I’m also in a much better mood. I find myself humming and singing to myself. There’s a spring in my step. I’m much nicer to be around.

My heart rate is also a little bit elevated as I imagine myself relaxing with my family. My breathing speeds up when I look at the clock and start counting the minutes until I can leave.
So, what I’ve learned from this experience is that anticipation can be liberating. It allows me to focus on what really needs to be done before I can enjoy myself. It makes me happy. It lifts my spirits. It changes my perspective.

In fact, I think perspective is really what this is all about. If I were dreading this vacation, then I would be experiencing Distress, but since I’m looking forward to it, my attitude brings me a sense of fulfillment.

What if I could live my entire life in anticipation? Just imagine what it would be like to always look forward to something and assume that it’s good? What if I really believed that God loved me? What if I fully accepted that God delighted to give me good things? What if I actually behaved as if God had a plan for my life – a plan to bless and not to curse me? What if I understood that God had lavished such love upon me that I had already been adopted into His family?
The truth is, all of this is the truth. Now, the only question is, will I live my life according to the truth, or will I stress out about all the bad things that will probably never happen to me?

Even more amazing, God’s promise to us is that even if bad things happen to us, He will always find a way to turn into a blessing for us in the end – if we continue to trust Him.
The secret is to look forward, not behind. Good things are in your future. That’s where God has already prepared a feast for you and reserved a seat at the table in your name.

All aboard?


Randi Jo :) said...

YES! Love this, thank you!!!

I think another awesome thing is that we can be SURE that our eternal destiny won't disappoint!! We are in in a world full of disappointments.... because we are a people of expectations and I love how awesome God is to not give us details about the future.... because He wants to free us from disappointment!!! I'm a personality that struggles so much with expectations and having them... and having them too high.... BUT I am SOO thankful and excited because I KNOW KNOW KNOW that my eternal destination and seeing Him face to face and feeling His embrace is going to be way way way way way better than anything I can imagine!!!!!! No disappointments!!!!!!!! and until I get there - I can have FAITH to let go of expectations and just receive whatever He gives instead of desiring my own things, plans, timings.

He will help us grow more and more while we are here ---to release expectations so we can get tastes of what fulfillment feels like!! <3

yet we must embrace the tension knowing we are still groaning & will be and fulfillment isn't possible... YET!

Kristina Marie AKA Aunt Sissy AKA Krissie AKA Krissie-pooh said...

Great point - and the more we believe that God has greatness in store for us and the more we look for it, the more we will see it. Seek and Ye Shall Find... Amen and Amen!

Kristina, Blogger