Thursday, June 13, 2013


Was Jesus a non-violent Messiah? Does he expect you and I to actually love our enemies, turn the other cheek, and bless those who curse us?

What about the Old Testament scriptures about the Israelites in battle? What about Jesus turning over the tables? 
What about Cornelius the Centurion?
What about when Jesus said "go and buy a sword?"
All these questions and more will be addressed in this special edition of Subversive Radio.


Anonymous said...

I see a few items that need to be addressed: John the Baptist making disciples of soldiers without asking them to renounce; God using violence against Ananias & Sophirra; The tribulation deaths totaling 1/3 rd of humanity under God's judgement; the battle of Armeggedon where the Messiah, and us, slay millions; and the lake of fire judgement, where we consign people to eternal judgement.

Anonymous said...

I do think your rendition of Jesus driving out the money changers leaves a bit to be desired. You are nit picking over words said and not said in the text, as if it was a modern court document. That was hardly the mindset of the ancient near east cultures in their various methods of communication. Few words tended to be the norm, especially in written communication; due to the high expense of these materials and their production. It was expected that the hearers would understand what typically occurs in those situations and fill in the blanks. You would only mention exceptions to normal behavior, like David's old age taking of a young maiden to bed, to keep warm. But, we are told (because you know what normally happens in those situations) that they never had intercourse.