Monday, January 19, 2009


*Interviewed professor and author G.K. Beale yesterday about his book, "The Temple and the Church's Mission'. Should be published early next month in my [Subversive Underground] newsletter. Some might end up in my book-in-progress about the Church (as yet untitled).

*Grooving to sounds of first single from new U2 album "No Line On The Horizon" releasing March 3rd. The single, "Get Your Boots On" is a Led-Zep influenced chunk of fuzz slathered with a bit of pop and infused with soul. I've listened to it 4 times today already.

Check it yourself

*Looking forward to the Inauguration and praying for our new President.

*My youngest son, David told me that one of his friends said, "I hate Obama" and his response was, "Jesus said to love your enemies". So proud of my son.

*Visited Griffith Park Observatory with the family on Saturday. Marveled at the awesome creative power of Almighty God, and the blindness of so many to His Glory.

*Saw premiere episode of BSG last night and can't wait to see what's next.

*Waiting breathlessly for season premiere of LOST on Wednesday. Best show on TV.

*Planning to watch the original version of "Solaris" (not the Clooney remake) on Tuesday night.

*Nearly done reading PKD's "Now Wait For Last Year" and planning to tackle Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" after that.

*Considering seriously a revisit of my sci-fi concepts after an encouraging chat with friends last Friday concerning my "Hard Video" story. Still unsure about when and how.

*Realizing that everything in my life is a gift. God really loves me. I think I love Him too.

*My wife is my best friend and my hero. Without her my life would really suck.

*Back to work now. Must listen to U2 single many, many more times today.


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