Friday, August 11, 2006


I forgot to mention that, the other night at "The Mission", my friend Jason saw another person at the same stoplight as Tommy a few months back. This time it was a woman so, when he got to our meeting he quietly grabbed a plate of hot food and went off, with his wife Heather, to share with this woman.

While they were talking and praying with her, Jason asked her about Tommy. She knew him and said that he was out of the wheelchair now, on crutches, and was living in an RV or Motor Home now.

Praise God!

It's awesome to hear that he's not living on the streets, or by the riverbank, anymore.

Thanks to everyone who was praying for Tommy. Everytime I drive by that intersection I look for him and say a prayer for him. Now I know that he's not around because God has blessed him and taken him out of that lifestyle.

Isn't God good?

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