Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I've got more ideas and articles and interviews in the pipeline now than ever before. Is it something in the water? Is it all the free time I have now that I'm out of work? Not sure...but here's what I'm working on for future articles and [SUBVERSIVE UNDERGROUND] issues.

*DEREK WEBB- I just got off the phone with Derek after an hour long interview. Great stuff. Can't wait to write it all up and post it somewhere.

*DALLAS WILLARD "THE LOST INTERVIEW"- About a year ago I interviewed Dallas Willard for the second time and this was his final interview due to a self-imposed period of silence while he works on his next book. I've been sitting on this one too long and it's nearly complete. Watch for this one soon.

*LIVING STONES- a look at the house church movement historically, and scripturally. Honestly I've already written the first draft but I'm trying to go back and say the same things as graciously as possible because this subject always ends up starting an argument and I want to find a way to speak the truth, but in love.

*BOB SEARS- My friend Bob is a miracle. He's currently leading an insanely missional spiritual discussion group in Long Beach and recently he sent me a testimonial that blows my mind. I want to share it with you guys so that will end up here eventually.

*THE OOZE- This is kind of funny. I got an email from someone at this week letting me know that my article "In Control" will be published online as part of their "Faith" section. Look for it in March of 2007. Yes. Next year! Wow.

*GOSPEL: FOR HERE OR TO GO?- Currently this six-part series on mission and evangelism is running on both and also at Neil Cole's CMAResources websites. Those of you on the [SUBVERSIVE UNDERGROUND] will receive the final installments over the next 2 weeks and then I plan to add new material and publish it as a small booklet somewhere.

*BOOK PROJECTS- I'm on the last 2 chapters of "The Power Of Weakness". These are the 2 hardest ones to write. Please pray for me that I can finish these up soon. After this book is complete I also want to compile my previous articles and interviews in a series of books that will cover Spiritual Formation, Compassion Ministry, Missional Life, and also a compilation of my interviews with guys like Barna, Willard, Redman, Hughes, Hunter, Fischer, Webb and others.

and now...back to my writing!

Stay tuned for all of these articles and interviews and more very soon.


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