Monday, August 18, 2014

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Your Biggest Mistake?

Our question of the week is all about making mistakes.

"What Did You Learn From Your Biggest Mistake?”

I'll share mine on Friday, but I'd love to hear what you learned from your biggest mistake.

Post your response in the comments below!


Rob said...

I have a hard time choosing between two mistakes (but it would definitely be one of these two):

1. Deciding, with the black-and-white clarity of youth, that strict discipline was the best way to bring up kids.

2. Yielding to temptation, many years ago, in an area that would continue to haunt and plague me for decades.

the alternative1 said...

my biggest mistake was right after I got saved-I was very nieve about how to live as a Christian and I knew God did not want me to chase females anymore so I decided to get married in order to satisfy my strong sex drive-28 years later I suffered divorce and it was then that GOD showed me how foolish my decision was-not that there is anything wrong with marriage it was just my self centered attitude that was messed up.

Keith Giles said...

It may not qualify as my "biggest" mistake,but it is certainly one of the top 10.

In the early days of our house church, I participated in a well-meaning, but ill-advised intervention of a brother in Christ who wanted to apply for conscientous objector status rather than be deployed into combat in Iraq.

Looking back, I would not have participated in that attempt to pressure this young man into abandoning his pursuit of objector status.

Anonymous said...

My biggest mistake is from my lust of the flesh. You cant take back what you do so think and pray them through