Friday, September 17, 2010


His name is Carol Palfi. He's from Romania. He can't speak English, except to say, "I love you. Every day."

Carol lives at Fountain Care Center in Orange, California, in room 316. He was Robert Higgin’s roommate, and for the last 9 months Carol was the voice of God reminding Robert of something very important; "I love you. Every day."

At Robert's Memorial Service yesterday I talked about how God's amazing love for Robert provided for a roommate like Carol.

God knew that Robert's desire was to know love. All his life he searched to fill the empty void in his heart. His favorite song was "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Foreigner. God saw Robert's heart and moved heaven and earth to declare His perfect love for Robert through a variety of people and events, including this Romanian roommate for Robert in room 316.

Yesterday, after the Memorial Service, Carol wandered into the dining room on his walker. He waved to everyone. He said, "I love you. Every day," to all of us, and smiled. I came up to him and gave him a hug and he gently laid his head on my shoulder.

I couldn't help but marvel at how God had worked through this simple man to declare his love for Robert. The most amazing thing to me is that Carol has no idea what a blessing he was to my friend. He doesn’t understand Robert's story, and he is oblivious to the gift he gave by simply repeating the phrase, "I love you. Every day."

One day I hope that all of us can stand together in Eternity and rejoice over this simple miracle.

Until then, I thank God for the man in room 316 who unconsciously spoke the words that God Himself wanted to speak to my friend, Robert. Day after day for 9 months.


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