Friday, May 25, 2007


Sometimes I wonder about my role in the Universe. What is my purpose in the grand scheme of things?


Last night during our Mission House Church meeting, we prayed for a friend of mine who works at a very major animation studio (which shall remain nameless). He has received a very specific calling from God about his place in the company and several of his concepts are being pursued for development.


As we prayed for my friend, I began to reflect on what my overall “Kingdom Footprint” looked like. Maybe I assume it must be something epic and world-changing because of my inflated ego?  Probably.


Is my major calling to write and publish a book? I’m working to self-publish my first book project sometime this year with another one already finished for next year. Is that it? Or is my calling to pastor people like my friend who are stepping into the National spotlight with a chance to communicate the values of the Kingdom to the adolescent mind? Maybe my calling is just to be a good husband and father who learns humility and finds the Grace to love people the way Jesus did?


I think this speaks to my previous [Subversive Underground] article about my concept of “Greatness” and God’s definition, which are wildly opposite it seems.


I do have aspirations of publishing my books and helping others to really grasp the Gospel of The Kingdom and walk it out in their everyday life. I am blessed that I get to write my little e-newsletter each week and have 150 or so people read it and (hopefully) get blessed by it. I am blessed that webzines like and and regularly publish my articles.


I do have a calling to continually pastor our House Church. I am blessed that God has poured out His Grace and Favor on our Mission House Church this last year. I am blessed to see people really beginning to see the Kingdom and walk in it every day.


I do have a calling to be a Godly husband and father. I am blessed that my wife and I are cradled in the loving arms of God our Abba every single day. I am blessed that my sons know and love God and that they have such a simple and sincere faith in Jesus. I am blessed that God has continually taught me how to walk daily in the Spirit and that He still has patience with me as I stumble through my walk of faith.


God has been showing me lately that there are Kingdom concepts that I understand but have yet learned how to actually implement effectively. Such as “Loving One Another” and “Blessing Those Who Persecute You”. 


Loving others is really kicking my butt right now.


Loving my friends who are caught in adultery has brought a rift in our relationship. Loving my brothers in Christ has meant risk and truth and accountability. I am learning that life outside my comfort zone, although essential for Kingdom Life, is hard and very…uhmm…”Uncomfortable”.


Still, we follow on and seek His face.


“…where else can we go? You have the words of life.”








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Lucas Penido said...

Hi Buddy, my name is Luke and I'm also a blogger.
I ran into your blog, looking for cool Christian blogs.
I think that's pretty hard to find right now and thanks to you, i ended up checking out that "Stop Christian consumerism" site...I really stand behind that idea and I really like seeing what people are actually doing to put a stop to what I also consider to be wrong.
God Bless,