Thursday, April 13, 2006


The good folks at just published my article "RISEN?" just in time for Easter.

Please go check it out and make a comment if you would over here:

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Carrie Cosby said...

Interesting, yet important, distinction between the death and life of Christ. I think many Christians would go "but Keith, the "risen" part goes kinda hand in hand with the "death" part of Christ don't you think?" Except it's true - we often focus so much on the fact that Christ died for our sins that we tend to slightly overlook the even greater fact that Christ conquered death for us as well and is definitely NOT dead, but is very much alive. It puts a certain joy and excitement into your heart when you think of life and Him being alive than the gloom and mournfulness of his death eh? It makes you want to be alive as well and tell everyone else and show everyone as well.
I liked it KG (or as I refer to you in my mind Kenny G)

Darla said...

hey keith. i commented on your seeedstories article, but wanted to also leave a comment here too to let you know how this article is really resonating with me - i can't stop thinking about Jesus' ressurection - whereas in the past, as soon as easter is over, so are my thoughts about it. i've linked your article in my blog - i hope others will be able to benefit from it as i have. thank you for using your creative gift to help others along the way.