Monday, September 25, 2017


"Burning questions, not people."

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday September 25, the brand-new podcast I've been working on with Matthew Distefano and Jamal Jivanjee will launch on iTunes.

The first 3 episodes will post all at once, so please do me a huge favor:
*Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
*Download the episodes [at least one]
*Leave a review or comment
*Rate the podcast

If you can do that for us, it would really mean a lot.

Also: Head over to Facebook and join the brand-new Heretic Happy Hour group we've started. It's already attracted over 450 people but there's room for a few more.

This podcast is something I'm very excited about. I do hope you'll take some time to listen and to interact as well.

We've even set up a Heretic Hotline where you can call us and leave a voice mail message (which we might play on an upcoming podcast episode] or text us a message or question.

The Heretic Hotline number is: (240) 3-HERESY or (240) 343-7379

Our first 3 episodes are:

1) Heresy Is In The Eye of the Beholder
2) Is Total Agreement Necessary for Unity?
3) What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

Future episodes are:

4) How Other Religions Compare To Christianity
5) Discovering Christ in Non-Christian Places
6) Can We Know God Without the Bible?

and more to come!

Thanks for your support!


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Mark Sequeira said...

Someone wrote recently on "the demise of Christianity" meaning I think the western church/American church (organized institutional church). I think it would be great to hear you discuss the demise of the Western institutional church but rise of organic church/non-western church all across Africa, South America and Asia! The church there is blowing up and soon, the U.S. church will be a minority of church-goers/believers in Jesus.

How do we respond to non-Western theologians (whose theology may be very different from our own because what is seen as critical to their situation is different from ours), how do we respond to them choosing new ways to do church, evangelism, etc. outside of our structures and missions teaching for so many years?

I was blessed to read both “The Next Christendom the coming of global christianity” by Jenkins and “The Next Evangelicalism” by Soong-Chan Rah, as well as hear Oscar Muriu speak this week at MissioNexus on this same subject: The issue of the Western and European/American Church’s impact shrinking and the rapid growth and strength of the non-western church in Latin America/South America, Africa and Asia.

Pastor Muriu (check him out on YouTube) well stated, “We cannot afford your (American) methods in Africa. We have tried them but we cannot afford them. We will have to do things differently and use what God has uniquely given us instead of what He has given you.” This was very interesting to hear and I hope the American and western church is as adept at listening (versus leading) because we will more and more become partners in this great work rather than leaders in it.

It's easy to call others "heretics" when you thunk you have a corner on truth and are the "authority" everyone else must be measured against. But what if we are not?