Tuesday, January 24, 2017


"In Jesus Untangled, author Keith Giles, clearly and thoughtfully challenges the paradigm from which so many American Christians view the mission of the Church. Keith takes us on an historical journey to demonstrate how the Church, and specifically American Christianity, has become entangled with politics. 

"Throughout the book we are challenged to rethink and rediscover what it really means to follow the Lamb as citizens of God’s kingdom, the kingdom of grace. 

"Jesus Untangled both challenged and affirmed many of my ideas, especially those regarding my faith and politics. The book affirmed for me what I have believed for many years and what my personal journey has shown me: Faith forced isn’t faith, and it cannot be legislated. It challenged me to seriously rethink how I will now exercise my civic responsibility without compromising my faith. 

"Jesus Untangled is most definitely a thought-provoking, and honest read, and worth the investment of your time, irrespective of your political views. 

"Thank you, Keith Giles, for this inspiring book."

- Cindy [From Amazon]


Thanks, Cindy!

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