Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Just wanted to give some more details about what our family is doing this week in our community and how you can pray for us.

The KID'S CLUB starts tomorrow night for the kids on our street. Our theme is J.O.Y. - Jesus, Others and You.

We'll cover each topic one night at a time, starting with "Jesus" and ending with "You" on Saturday night. On Sunday evening we'll have the parents join us outside in the front yard where we'll have their kids recite their memory verses, play games with the parents, and eat hot dogs together.

After we're all done on Sunday night I'll be passing out flyers and inviting the adults to join us on Thursday evenings in our home. These meetings will be about finding answers to their questions about the Bible, and about who Jesus was, how we know the Bible is true, how we know Jesus really rose from the dead, etc. After the first few meetings where we cover those bigger questions about Christianity we'll open it up to answering their own personal questions about God, Jesus, etc.  After this, if anyone is still interested in continuing to meet together, we'll move on to a study of the Gospel of John.

I sincerely ask you to pray for us as we put together the KID'S CLUB this week, and also for the "Questions Answered" meetings that might follow.

As many of you know, our family has always felt that God had called us - not only to start a church in our home - but also to become missionaries to our neighbors. We've been there for over 6 years now and over that time we've slowly built relationships with our neighbors and we believe that the time might be right to take this extra step towards inviting people into our home to learn more about Jesus and hopefully begin to follow Him and trust Him with their lives.

Your prayers are very, very necessary in this, I believe. Thank you for standing with us as we take this step of obedience and faith.


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Unknown said...

Will pray, Keith! Love that you're doing this. Blessings.