Thursday, May 07, 2009


Last year I self-published two books and gave the PDF's away free of charge. So far I've given away 656 copies of "The Gospel:For Here or To Go?" and 541 copies of "Nobody Follows Jesus (So Why Should You?)"

Some people have asked me why I give away my books for free like this. The answer is simple: I feel that God has called me to write and to teach about the Kingdom, the Gospel, and what it means to follow Jesus. These truths are essential and so I feel that it's important that everyone should have the opportunity to read and understand these things.

For those who do purchase the print version I am grateful, although I only earn about $2 per book sold so no one is getting rich over here on the sales of my books (except maybe).

I am currently working on my third book which (so far) is called "Becoming the Church God Always Dreamed Of" and hopefully it will be published later this summer.

My plan is to give away the PDF download version of the new book as well.

You can download my books, or purchase the actual print versions at my online store:

Thanks for your support and encouragement.


Anthony said...

I really appreciate your willingness to provide your books free of charge. It sets a great example.

Anonymous said...

It is good that you offer your books free, but don't you have to make a living?

Keith Giles said...

Well, if I tried to make a living off the sales of my books I'd not get very far making only $2 profit per book.

We also have a house church which meets in our home but all of the money goes to the poor in our community so I don't take any salary from that either.

My day job is as a copywriter for an in-house marketing and creative services agency. This is how I support my family, by the grace of God.

Starrzan said...

Hey Keith! I'm currently reading "The Gospel for here to Go". It's awesome. I remember a lot of what is written in the book was also published in the Subversive Underground newsletter. Reading it again is refreshing and makes me considers myself all over again. Good words!

Thank God for you! ;)

Looking forward to the next one.