Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pray For House Church Planters Around the Globe

Over the last several months I have received email from over half a dozen people who are feeling called, in one way or the other, to step out into the great unknown and start a house church.

Some are currently pastors of traditional churches, others are worship leaders who support their family through the use of their gifts in traditional church, others are humble people who just know they can't continue to identify themselves as "Church-goers" rather than as "Followers of Jesus" and who yearn to BE the Church as God has called them to be.

Please pray for these men, and their families, as they seek God's direction in this:

*Mark W. - Indianapolis
*Mark M. - Kentucky
*Jonathan - Santa Ana, CA
*Justin - Costa Mesa, CA
*Roger - Virginia
*Nolan - Philipines
*Charles - New Mexico

I've begun praying for these men on a daily basis and my hope is that I can encourage them as they move forward.

If you decide to pray for them today, please post a comment below and let them know you're praying for them too.



Are Karlsen said...

Yeah, I will pray for those house church planters!

Mark Main said...

As one of those you listed I first want to say thank you. To Are K. and all others who read this and pray for us I thank you for your prayers. You can't begin to know what they will mean.

On that front let me give you an update. I have baited the hook and put the line out. Just in the last couple of days I have gotten a couple of nibbles. I'm trying to patiently reel 'em in with God's help. So I'm hopeful.