Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Finally! A doll company that helps stimulate Christian girls to enter a life of glorious materialism!

"A Life Of Faith" Girls

If you've got a young pre-teen daughter you probably know all about the "American Girls" phenomenon sweeping the nation. If not you can gaze in morbid fascination at the sheer audacity of materialism gone wild at their website

Of course, if there's money to be made by taking something that's popular and slapping a cross on it to make a buck someone will do it.

Presenting the "Christian Version of American Girl" - "A Life Of Faith" Girls!!

Now your daughter can engage in rampant materialism with a Christian flavor! Instead of spending $30 for a new doll outfit over at "American Girl" (which isn't Christian you know), you can now spend $25 on a set of underwear for your Christian "A Life Of Faith" doll!

Millie's Calico Undergarments (3 pieces)
Millie was appalled to discover that prairie girls wore calico underwear instead of white cotton or muslin. But soon she was wearing it herself. Millie’s favorite is her striped calico pantalette, full circle petticoat, and camisole, all boasting eyelet lace trim and embroidered ribbon accents....
Price: $ 24.99

Praise the Lord! (Operators are standing by. All major credit cards accepted).

Read the following from the "Life of Faith" Girls website:
"Living a life of faith every day is not always easy—no matter what era you live in. Even though Elsie, Millie, Violet, and Laylie lived in another time period, the issues they struggled with in their everyday lives (e.g., rejection, temptation, fear, etc.) are very much like the issues girls face today. Though the specific circumstances and lifestyles of 19th century girls may be different than for 21st century girls, because principles of God’s Word never change, the solutions are the same. That’s why we can learn so much from Godly role models of every generation."

Can someone help me find a barf bag?

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