Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Life so far...

Over the Labor Day weekend my family went to Legoland with my brother-by-choice Lito and his family. Nothing we saw there was as cool as this image, however.
My third week at work has found traction as assignments pile up on my plate. Yowza! Gotta get up to speed now.
I've got an new article posting every other week over at starting with "Jesus' Favorite Question" this week and another new article on Sept. 15 ("What if Jesus Could be You for 24 Hours?") and another on October 1st ("Judge Not"), and another on October 19th, ("Destroy the (Christian) Subculture!"). My column over at is finally updated with the latest installment of the "Top 10 Things Every Christian Should Know (But Probably Doesn't)" series. I intend to collect this series into a book with supplemental material early next year.
In other news, I discovered an autographed copy of Philip K. Dick's "Now Wait For Last Year" at my local library. The book was published in 1966, the year I was born. So amazing.
I've been getting the itch lately to return to some of my sci-fi stories-in-progress like "UV:Target (Made In China)" and "Durango Silver". I'm trying to supress this urge in order to finish up my other book projects first.
Next month Wendy and I will celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary.

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